Jackpot in the Heartland

hl1hl2 This beauty was beyond irresistable!! hl3hl4hl5hl6hl7hl8hl9hl10hl11hl12hl13hl14hl15hl16hl17hl18hl19hl20hl21hl22hl23hl24hl25hl26hl27hl28


~ by trippybeth on February 24, 2014.

12 Responses to “Jackpot in the Heartland”

  1. Wow, awesome! I missed seeing your discoveries!

  2. Amazing! Beautifully melancholic!

  3. Good to see you back on WP – for those of us who don’t F-Book. Great find – glad the trap didn’t get you 🙂

    • Thanks!!! I’m so lazy posting in 2 places overwhelms me… I’ve sold done prints from my facebook actually!
      Yes the house was glorious!!
      Thankfully the trap wasn’t set!
      Judging from the amount of poo in the house, I suspect it was for raccoons, not trespassers!

      • I just started a Twitter account (due to peer pressure) and I know what you mean about keeping up with everything…and working and trying to shoot.

      • I have a twitter but never use it… Maybe I should take it back up…
        Yea I probably won’t do that lol
        With the cemetery group I’m working with now, and shoots I have coming up, time is in short supply around here!

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