Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Gertrude, KY

20131105-131534.jpg  Today I bring you Mt. Zion Methodist Church and Typical English Cemetery.  Mt. Zion is an abandoned church in the Gertrude Community of Bracken County KY.

The church was formed in 1837, I can’t find any information on when services were last held here.  It’s always interesting to me that when these churches are left, it’s like they close the doors after a Sunday service and just forget to return, everything is left the way it was, pews, hymnals, collection plates, everything.

I can’t even find any information on the “town” of Gertrude, which is little more than a wide spot in the road.  I’ll have to dig out the “History of Bracken County” and see if I can find any information.

Mt. Zion is the final resting place for Constable John Holton, an officer for the Augusta Police Department who was killed in the line of duty, November 24, 1845 “Constable Holton was stabbed several times and had his throat slit while he was  attempting to serve a warrant.  The warrant was still in Holton’s pocket when  his body was found.
Constable Holton was survived by his wife and  child.”

According to a friend of mine, there is also a family of atheists buried here, and that there is something different about their burials/plots… I will have to check that out more closely when I’m back in the county.  If anyone knows anything about them, I’d love to know!!

The cemetery looks to be maintained, although I do see signs of some vandalism, there are some newish stones that have been toppled, and I’m sure it wasn’t of their own volition.

I hereby wish burning buttholes for all of eternity on cemetery vandals…


Mt. Zion is a lovely little Gothic country church, you should stop by if you’re in the area.












~ by trippybeth on November 5, 2013.

7 Responses to “Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Gertrude, KY”

  1. “Typical English Cemetery” – interesting to place that on a sign.

  2. Yo. Lady. I had to nominate you for “Most Influential Blogger” because you take awesome photos of scary things, and they “influence” me to see the world differently and stuff. I did this three days ago and didn’t tell you ’til now because I’m wicked lazy.

  3. Hi! My husband’s family built this church, but we can’t find the address to visit. Can you tell us where it is or approx. directions? It would be most appreciated.

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