Wesley Chapel Church, Peach Grove, KY

As my journey continued on Sunday along KY Route 10 I happened upon the WesleyChapelCemetery in Peach   Grove, KY.

The cemetery is also the former home of the WesleyChapelChurch.

In conversation with a couple of ladies who were there to cut the grass (voluntarily), they gave me a little bit of history on the church and the cause of its demise.


The church was built in 1856, but there had previously been another church on the site, so its history goes back much further.

The church was used as Union Headquarters during the Civil War.

Services ceased during the 90s, although there was at least one wedding held after that and some other celebrations.

Tragically, a tornado on March 2, 2012, closed the curtain on the life of WesleyChapelUnitedMethodistChurch.  The roof was torn from the little country church and the walls had begun to collapse… making saving her impossible.  Here is a news story about the tornado:



Now, the “Friends of Wesley Chapel” (as they decided to be called after I told them about “Friends of Linden Grove”) are hoping to construct a memorial on the site.  The bell had been saved and they hope to erect it on the site.

Apparently, the “cemetery board” is less eager than the “friends” to see that the memorial is constructed, but they are hoping to begin construction in the spring of 2014.  I wished them luck before I departed.

sun 26

The little country church before the tornado of 2012.

The little country church before the tornado of 2012.

sun 20

sun 27

sun 28

~ by trippybeth on September 27, 2013.

7 Responses to “Wesley Chapel Church, Peach Grove, KY”

  1. You really got a lot out of your trip this time – nice post.

  2. The last pic is sweet. Love the contrast between clouds and grass.

  3. Hi :) I thought if lend some more info on the chapel.

    The first and second chapels were built by my ancestors, most of which are buried in the cemetery. Rev. Lockey Lancaster (my great-great-great grandfather) built the second church in 1865. He also built a farmhouse across the road in which the Lancasters lived for several generations. My grandfather was born in that house and my mother spent every weekend there growing up. In the 70s my great grandmother Goldie Carnes Lancaster (Carnes of Peach Grove just down the road) sold the house to the Fossits (from the first headstone you have pictured). Their son Chris still lives there and built a new house after the same tornado that destoryed the chapel took out the backside of the house and the remaining farm buildings.

    The chapel and the farm were both given to my family as a land grant from military service in the Revolutionary War.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip!

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