The Porny House

Yes, you read that right… Porny… I am also aware that I just coined a new word.

I can’t drive past an abandoned house without stopping to take a look, I just can’t, it has become a physical impossibility.  I can’t always get inside them, but if there is an open door and no people around… I’m inside.

I passed this little gem on my drive southeast yesterday to join my parents and my aunt to zip line for my dad’s 69th birthday.  I took the long way… I passed this one, turned around and pulled into the steep driveway, grabbed the camera and the iPhone and climbed the hill.

The main thing that I don’t understand about abandoned houses is, why do they leave all their stuff there???  Clothes, dishes, watches and yes… porn… lots of porn DVDs EVERYWHERE.  It’s not like they were VHS tapes and their VCR broke, these were DVDs, current technology.

Maybe, the former resident, who appeared to have been a male, swore off porn and the lifestyle he was leading and just left it all behind to start over… Maybe he died and when people came in to clean up his place, saw all the porn and said “Screw this”.

It’s a lot to think about.

Also interesting about this house, was that there was a bathtub in one of the bedrooms, yet no toilet in the entire house… odd.

I didn’t touch ANYTHING while I was inside the house… and still used a generous amount of hand sanitizer when I returned to the Silver Armadillo…





The most recent of many calendars that were in the house.

The most recent of many calendars that were in the house.

The bathtub in the bedroom.

The bathtub in the bedroom.

A small sample of the cinematographic gold that was scattered all around.

A small sample of the cinematographic gold that was scattered all around.

Inside the shed next door.

Inside the shed next door.




~ by trippybeth on September 23, 2013.

28 Responses to “The Porny House”

  1. Good Lord woman!!! You went in??? ewwwwwww

  2. Wow! What a great find – it is stumbling across these gems that makes me turn around and go back for a look see. Could be a house out of a George Romero film…did this make the zip lining anti-climatic? (Sorry, no pun intended ‘:-))

  3. […] Here’s what I do to occupy myself on the weekends: […]

  4. Very cool pictures!!!

  5. […] I pulled my ass out of bed on Sunday morning because we were going zip lining for my Dad’s birthday and I had to make the long trek back home.  I took the camera and made a few stops on the way, which did make me feel a little better.  Here’s an example of what I captured ( […]

  6. OMG girl you are daring!! I have never considered doing that and would be terrified to go in, alone at that!! But now that I see your pics, you make me want to do so.
    A calendar from 2006? Do you assume that was the last time the house had an occupant?
    Would you go in at night? That is freakishly scary!!

  7. I’m dreading to think you lived there…

  8. Well, if you’re going to break into my house and sift through my porn stash, you should have at least left me some cookies =p

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