Memories of Maysville…

Maysville, Kentucky founded 1788 as the city of Limestone.

Birthplace of Rosemary Clooney.

A stop on the Underground Railroad.

A hunting ground once controlled by the Iroquois Nation (from which I am a descendant).

The Big Town of my childhood.

The fountain on Market Street.

The fountain on Market Street.

My Dad and I used to go to Maysville every Saturday morning.  We would go to the State National Bank, then to the Sport Shop, where Dad would shoot the breeze with his buddies, sometimes buying something, sometimes trading for something… Other times, we would walk out of the shop with nothing but the artificial worm that Paul Faris would give me every Saturday.  As my Dad would hang out, I would play in this huge bin of artificial fishing worms.  I would be the only girl in the shop and the only weird kid playing amongst the bait.

What can I say? As an only child, you have to learn how to entertain yourself.

After the Sport Shop, we would sometimes stop in the G.C. Murphy store, a small department store on Second   Street, and I could usually talk my Dad into springing for a Matchbox car or a new outfit for my Barbie doll.  My first job was at the G.C. Murphy store, in the Bluegrass Shopping center.  What great times I had there.  The entire evening/weekend staff was high school kids, which, in hindsight, probably wasn’t the wisest management decision. However, we did do our work, amid toy gun fights and battles with armloads of what I think were rosin bags… good times, good times.


The steps that led to the toy department.

The steps that led to the toy department.


If we didn’t have to stop at Everett’s Ace Hardware, we’d then head up to the The White Light for a couple of little burgers cooked on the grill right in front of the counter.  The White Light was a staple of my Dad’s childhood, as he ate lunch there often when he went to school in Maysville.

He even told me a story of someone getting a roach on their burger, that the cook said he wouldn’t even charge extra for!! I wonder if that story was just told to shock and weird me out, because he continued to eat there until it closed.  Come to think of it, I didn’t mind eating there either… but maybe in my little-girl mind, I didn’t think it was true, or hoped that it wasn’t.

Sometimes, we would go to a movie at the Russell Theater.


Aahhhhhh the Russell… it was so beautiful and fantastical to a little girl.  Its Spanish/Mediterranean architecture always made me feel like I’d been transported into a fairy tale.  I can remember the excitement as we stood in line at the ticket booth…


At the Russell, I saw the most memorable movies of my childhood.  ET, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark are prominent in my memories.

Sadly, the theater closed in 1983 and has suffered many indignities since, from the loss of part of its roof during a storm to subsequent water damage.  Some repairs have been made and she still stands, grand and beautiful on East   3rd Street…

Here is an article about the opening of the Russell:

A tiny little building that I had never noticed before... I'd love to see inside!

A tiny little building that I had never noticed before… I’d love to see inside!

Don't park in the alley, jerks!

Don’t park in the alley, jerks!

One of Maysville's many ghost signs...

One of Maysville’s many ghost signs…




~ by trippybeth on July 22, 2013.

11 Responses to “Memories of Maysville…”

  1. As you will see in upcoming posts, I too returned to the place of my youth (for my 40th high school class reunion). A similar flood of memories washed over me and continue to work their way into my daily thoughts. Did everything seem a bit smaller than you remembered? Nice post Beth.

    • Yes it does seem smaller… And less magical as most of the places we frequented in my childhood are gone…
      I should recount the story of my most recent high school reunion… There was debauchery and some mannequin involvement…

      • Mine was fairly staid – aside from my singular adventures into abandoned spaces…

      • So you had the most fun!
        I got my respirators! I’ll post a pic tomorrow, they look awesomely ridiculous, so happy I got them, now to use them!

      • If you look up a picture to illustrate the word “dork” that’s me – photographer’s backpack, respirator, headlamp, cammo-hat and kevlar ‘:-)
        Actually glad to hear you are playing it safe!

      • I’m ridiculously dorky.
        The other night we were watching tv and there was an ad for “zoomies”, these binocular-glasses.
        I got so excited, I HAD to have them!
        Sadly the reviews were so terrible I didn’t order them.
        Those things would have looked awesome with my respirator though 😦

      • I have this thing for infomercials and I am VERY familiar with Zoomies – “hey, no need to spend big bucks on a large screen TV….with zoomies, even your cheap seats put you right where the action is…”

      • I still want them…..

  2. Who wrote this article? You said you worked at G C Murphys in the shopping center. I’d like to see if I remember you. My dad was the manager there. Harold Bone.

    Kristy Bone Blackburn

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